How to Meet 20 Investors in 2 Weeks: A Proven Strategy

Monday, February 05, 2024

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Dear Founders,

Case studies like this don't happen by accident:

They're engineered to deliver precise results.

So, if you're on a mission to secure capital for your startup, let me save you some headaches and heartaches.

The strategy I'm about to unveil has consistently yielded a 20-30% response rate and, typically, more than 20 investor leads within the first month. Here's your blueprint.

Step 1. Build Your "Dream 100" List:

Begin by curating a list of your target investors, your "Dream 100," on LinkedIn. Utilize Sales Navigator to create a "Saved Search" in the leads section, employing specific criteria that are more sniper than shotgun.

- Keep it Local: Aim for investors in your city to facilitate face-to-face interactions like coffee meetings or chance encounters.
- Specialization Matters: Ensure these investors are specialists in your niche. If you're a fintech app, seek out early-stage fintech VCs.
- Match Your Stage: Target investors who are aligned with your funding stage. If you're raising a seed round, PE funds won't be your focus.
- Your list should consist of approximately 200-300 individuals, with 2-3 representatives from each of the "Dream 100" firms you've identified.

Step 2. Create a Persuasive Outreach Sequence:

Craft a compelling email and LinkedIn sequence featuring 3-4 touch points. This part is pivotal. Tailor your messaging to be personalized, relatable, and impactful. This is why we keep our target list to just 100, allowing for a more focused and relevant approach.

Here's a breakdown of your sequence:

- Establish Common Ground: Start with a message that establishes commonality, introduces your app, and highlights the top reasons why they should invest.
- Offer Additional Information: If there's no immediate reply, share more information about your startup's progress and funding status.
- Provide Further Insights: In the next message, offer additional compelling information about your startup, showcasing its potential.
- Conclude Respectfully: After the fourth follow-up, if you haven't received a response, it's likely they're not interested. It's best to move on.

3. Launch Your Outreach Campaign:

With your powerful message sequence, ideal investor list, and compelling pitch in place, it's time to launch your outreach campaign.

Export your list from Sales Navigator and import it into an outbound email CRM platform like Snovio,, or Mailshake. Embed your message sequence into the software and prepare for launch.

I recommend a structured approach with 4 weeks of outbound prospecting, followed by 4 weeks of pitch meetings, and concluding with 4 weeks of closing deals.

Going Forward
This a proven strategy, and it's exactly what we offer at Viral App Launch. We even guarantee 20 investor introductions because it works. But remember, results are in the execution.

This is a strategy that only the top 1% of entrepreneurs will implement. Be among the 1% and secure the results you desire. And when you've raised that capital, return to us, and let us help you launch your app to a guaranteed 100,000 new users.

If you need assistance along the way, I now offer 1-on-1 weekly coaching at just $500 per month, a fraction of our standard programs which usually cost around $5,000 per month. You can see that program here:

So, are you ready to engineer your own success story? Don't wait. Take action, execute this strategy, and watch the investors come knocking at your door.

Cheers to making investors eat out of your hands!

​​Note: The strategies mentioned in this blog post are designed to provide valuable insights into investor outreach. Results may vary based on execution and market conditions.

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