Install These 3 SDKs to Make Your App Into a Money Printer

Friday, September 29, 2023

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A Practical Guide to Turning Downloads into Revenue

Hey there, fellow founders!

Ever wondered how to transform your app into a revenue-generating machine? Well, you're in the right place.

After chatting with 3-5 startups every day (check out the screenshot – those yellow and green meetings are all founder calls), one question stands out: "How do I monetize my app?" It's a smart question, but even if you're focused on building an engaged user base, monetization should be a top priority.

In this post, I'm going to share some straightforward methods to turn your app into a cash cow.

1. 14-Day Free Trial with Auto-Roll to Monthly Subscription ($5/mo - $19/mo)

This is my go-to monetization strategy because it offers users ample time to experience your app fully before they have to open their wallets. It's all about retaining them as long-term customers. Never ask for payment upfront, especially in the early stages. Many users will simply let the subscription roll over to paid – some out of forgetfulness, others because they genuinely see the value.

2. In-App Advertising with Google AdMob

In-app advertising is a well-known concept, but surprisingly, few actually implement it. Here's why you should:

First, it becomes more profitable as your user base grows, providing a source of passive income. Second, it's a breeze to set up. Most importantly, users who adore your app but despise the ads can easily upgrade to your premium service (mentioned above) to enjoy an ad-free experience. Boom! You're making money whether they're free or paid users. Once you hit 50,000 users, you can rake in $3,512 in completely passive income! Over time, as your audience expands, your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) will keep growing.

3. Monetize Your Data with Monedata

Monedata is an SDK that seamlessly integrates into your app and leverages user data to boost the marketing efforts of its partners, all without disrupting the user experience. No intrusive ads; it operates solely in the background. Rest assured, it only captures data anonymously, so there's no risk of exposing your users' personal information. Your users stay safe and secure.

As of my last check, having 1 million active users could bring in around $11,000 per month in revenue. Combine that with subscriptions and AdMob, and you're looking at some serious revenue.

So, the big question is: when are you going to launch and monetize? I'm here to help when you're ready!


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